Ferratto nace de una idea sencilla, la de combinar  creatividad, imaginación y diseño, aplicándolos a los objetos cotidianos, de los que hacemos uso a diario, para que se puedan contemplar y disfrutar como creaciones únicas

Ferratto aims to provide a solution to find the most suitable object , not usually on offer, for a room, a corner, a living space, a garden or a specific space.

We work on adapting the piece meeting your environmental needs and preferences by combining functionality, design and uniqueness.

At Ferratto we work with basic materials such as iron, stone and wood. These materials are used to shape the designs, while other materials like glass provide functionality and transparency to the pieces.

Items displayed on this site are merely illustrative. Works are created to meet a specific need in a space with the sole purpose of inspiring you.


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